About Range Resources

Range Resources: Our Journey to Sustainability Leadership

Over the years, Range Resources has, and continues to, incorporate leading sustainability practices and engineering solutions into every aspect of our business. This allows our team to create value for our shareholders, protect the environment, and support the communities where we operate.

A History of Sustainability Leadership: Key Milestones

  • 2009: Pioneered large-scale water recycling in Pennsylvania shale development and became the first company to achieve 100 percent reuse levels.
  • 2010: Became the first company to voluntarily disclose fluids used in hydraulic fracturing on a per well basis and provide that information to the public online. This is now a standard industry practice through FracFocus and required regulation in states where Range has significant activity.
  • 2011: Assisted President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) Natural Gas Subcommittee, which made a series of recommendations to improve the safety and environmental performance of natural gas hydraulic fracturing from shale formations.
  • 2012: Initiated a Zero Vapor Protocol for liquids rich areas in the Marcellus shale, dramatically reducing potential emissions and enhancing safety.
  • 2013: Invested in Compressed Natural Gas vehicle fleet through partnerships with Chrysler and General Motors.
  • 2014: Implemented standalone Environmental Compliance department, adding staff and focusing daily on training and education, monitoring and auditing.

  • 2015: Honored by the National Wild Turkey Federation with the Corporate Conservation Award for the successful habitat partnership at Cross Creek County Park.
  • 2016: Participated in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force, aimed at identifying best practices and recommendations to maximize safe opportunities to transport natural gas.
  • 2018: Joined the American Petroleum Institute’s Environmental Partnership, a collaborative effort of over 40 companies dedicated to improving the industry’s environmental performance.
  • 2019: Announced goal of zero emissions across our operations through innovative emissions-reducing technologies and practices ranging from a robust leak detection and repair program to specialty engineering that enables enhanced emission capture and control on site.