Our Core Values

Our core values – Performance, Innovation, Integrity and Transparency – guide us in the work we do every day as a natural gas industry leader. These values reflect how we operate as a company and are deeply rooted in our commitment to positively impacting the communities where we do business.


We are a results-driven company focused on delivering the greatest value to our shareholders, customers, partners and local communities. This requires the commitment of each of our employees, who are empowered to continuously improve our operations and advance our development, safety and environmental goals.


Range has a long and clear record of pioneering innovative solutions reflected in industry and regulatory standards. This includes our leadership on voluntary disclosures, and the pioneering of water recycling and reuse technologies, which reduces both consumptive water needs and local truck traffic.


Our performance is driven by the company’s commitment to act with integrity in everything we do, from principled business decision-making to community partnerships. We are deeply connected to the communities we serve and work every day to operate in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders.


Our culture is driven by a commitment to transparency and accountability to our shareholders, while supporting greater employee, community and partner confidence and engagement. We actively work to ensure Range stakeholders have insight into our operations, as well as our contributions to the economy, the environment and the communities where we operate. We solicit actionable input and recommendations from community partners and always look for opportunities to improve.