Investing In Our Communities

As a company, we share and are committed to supporting common community goals: quality schools, opportunity-creating economic growth and a healthy and safe environment.

Range’s community giving is focused on five core areas: Education and Youth Activities, First Responders, Community Services and Enrichment, Health and Wellness, and Conservation. With these core areas in mind, our civic engagement programs and initiatives – led overwhelmingly by our local employees, along with support from our regional vendors and suppliers – create long-term, sustainable and positive community impacts.

“For many years, Range Resources has played a key role in helping to advance important educational programs and opportunities for our students across Washington County. As opportunities in STEM disciplines continue to grow, we are increasingly focused on helping to build our students’ knowledge and skills in these fields. We are especially grateful to Range for developing an innovative STEM grant program that not only delivers funding for teaching scholarships, but also includes hands-on learning opportunities and resources to help spark students’ interest in STEM.”

– Tom Samosky, principal of Trinity High School