Corporate Governance

Range and its Board of Directors are committed to implementing sound, transparent corporate governance principles. Approved by the Board, our guidelines, along with the Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, Board Committee Charters and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, form the framework for governance of the Company.

Commitment to Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics

For over four decades, Range has built a reputation of transparency, innovation, performance and integrity. Our success is rooted in our adherence to core principles that govern the business and we require our subsidiaries, contractors, directors, officers and employees to comply with all laws applicable to our business operations.

We also insist that our personnel follow a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, crafted around our core values and designed to embody ethical transparency and compliance with the law.

Governance Structure

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who meet high personal and professional standards. Directors are expected to have experience in management, policy-making and/or finance and, when possible, to have experience in the oil and gas industry or related fields. Directors are focused on enhancing stockholder value and are able to dedicate sufficient time to effectively carry out their duties.

To assure their ability to focus on issues involved in overseeing the Company, service on the boards of other companies is limited to a reasonable number, as may be determined from time-to-time in the Board’s judgment. For more information on our Boards of Directors, please see the Corporate Governance section of the Range website.

Political Engagement & Contributions

Range is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards when it engages in political activity. We believe it is important to constructively participate in the political process to further the best interests of our stockholders, while benefiting the communities where we live and work. Our approach to political engagement is guided by this basic belief.

Trade Associations

One of the ways Range engages in the policy-making process is by participating in various business and industry forums and trade associations. We believe these activities help to create a positive understanding of, and appreciation for, the oil and natural gas industry and the critical role the industry plays regionally and nationally.

The Board of Directors reviews contributions made to trade associations and organizations at their regular meetings. Range is an active member of several trade associations, including: Marcellus Shale Coalition, Independent Petroleum Association of America, American Exploration & Production Council, US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Reporting and Disclosure

Range files all public reports and information concerning the PAC with the appropriate Pennsylvania governmental authorities. Range’s Board of Directors receive a report regarding the PAC’s recent activities and other political spending by the Company at each of the Board’s regular meetings. We believe that this Board oversight is consistent with good governance practices.

Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when you, knowingly or unknowingly, engage in any activity that may compromise you, another employee, or the Company in its relationship with a customer, vendor, or competitor. Employees shall not engage in any activity, practice, or act which conflicts with, or appears to conflict with, the interests of the Company, its customers, or vendors. We encourage full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest to a supervisor or to the Human Resources Department.

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