Pennsylvania Impact Fee and Taxes

Impact fee dollars directly benefit areas with the most shale development activity. Washington County, Range’s core operating area, has received approximately $50 million since 2011, leading all Pennsylvania counties in funds received. Some municipalities in Washington County have received more than $500,000 each year in impact fee dollars largely due to Range’s activity in the region. The Impact model is unique to Pennsylvania, as most other states refer to this payment as a severance tax.

In Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry has paid nearly $1.5 billion in impact fees since the inception of the fee. Specifically, Range has paid more towards the impact fee than any other operator, totaling over $180 million in total fees since 2011.

This money has been used to build new bridges, improve community parks and support first responders along with funding important initiatives like environmental projects and housing initiatives.

“Washington County continues to thrive thanks in large part to the contributions of important businesses like Range Resources whose significant investments have played a vital role in supporting our local economy, parks and communities. Range Resources has always been a leader – not only as an innovative producer of natural gas, but as a company that has helped spur important economic development and growth that continues to deliver benefits to our region.”

Jeff Kotula, President of the Washington County Chamber of Commerc