Pennsylvania Royalties & Payments

Shale development is a partnership that goes beyond Range and its contractors; it’s a partnership with the communities. These partnerships have brought great opportunities for lessors, local governments and community members. Since 2006, Range has paid more than $2 billion in leasing and royalty payments across Pennsylvania. The majority of those dollars were distributed in Range’s core operating area of Washington County, where a total of $1.6 billion dollars has gone to lessors. 

A significant amount of those dollars has been directly paid to local governments. Washington County has received more than $40 million from county-owned properties that have been leased, including Cross Creek County Park, where Range has drilled more than 30 wells. Recently the county was able to build and open a new boat launch and recreation area in Cross Creek using funds that originated almost exclusively from royalty payments from wells Range drilled. The county is also constructing a new “Discovery Cove” feature at Cross Creek, which will include a boardwalk, trail and fishing pier at the public park.