Emissions Reduction

Range is committed to achieve zero emissions across our operations.

At Range, we focus each day on operating in an environmentally safe manner, applying our core values of performance, integrity, innovation and transparency to everything we do. We understand that immediate and long-term environmental opportunities are tied to the safe production of natural gas.

To maximize these shared benefits, Range actively works to achieve zero emissions across our operations and we are proud of the meaningful progress that we continue to make towards this goal.

Through the development and application of innovative emissions-reducing technologies and implementation of industry-leading best practices, Range tightly manages its emission profile while enhancing production. From facilities design to testing protocols, we’ve made minimizing methane emissions, along with other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) a priority and continue to share our efforts in the field with regulators, industry peers and partner organizations.

An example of our industry collaboration includes our participation in the American Petroleum Institute Environmental Partnership. We also facilitate quarterly meetings with other operators to foster the sharing and learning of best practices.

Range carefully selects and tests facility components to minimize potential leaks, and implements best-in-class technology on all equipment utilized for natural gas production. Production facilities are continuously evaluated through a robust leak detection and repair program, which helps identify new and innovative methods to manage emissions. It also provides data that can boost Range’s performance on emission controls and operational solutions, which includes a 70% reduction in the company’s leak ratio over the last three years.

Range’s engineers have taken a hands-on, proactive approach to work directly with our vendors to re-engineer aspects of our facility design based on historical data and trends that we have observed. For example, Range designed a new thief hatch for our wet gas facilities which eliminated potential leak points. The company has also engineered additional stages of separation to stabilize condensate and reduce VOC and hydrocarbon emissions in the liquids-rich section of the Marcellus shale.

Range reports greenhouse gas emissions data and reduction initiatives to the U.S. EPA’s Federal Greenhouse Gas Reporting (40 FR, Subpart W) as well as to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Emissions Inventories (AIMS and OGRE).

This focused commitment to emissions management was highlighted in a recent industry scorecard on methane emissions management and reporting from As You Sow – a nonprofit that promotes ESG-related shareholder advocacy – with Range ranking in the top tier of operators.