Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Disclosure

Hydraulic fracturing, coupled with advancements in horizontal drilling technologies, has enabled historic levels of clean, abundant, reliable and secure American natural gas production. Our commitment to transparency, a core Range value, led us to become the first company to voluntarily disclose the fracturing fluid for each completed well on our website.

Range complies with state regulations by providing a well-by-well disclosure of a completed well’s fracturing fluid through FracFocus, a national disclosure registry for oil and gas exploration founded by the Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission. For a typical shale well, the fracturing fluid is 99.9% water and sand, the rest is a blend of common additives.

The company’s disclosure initiative provides regulators, landowners and citizens an account of the highly-diluted additives used at each well site, along with their classifications, volumes, dilution factors and common, everyday purposes.

Range does not use diesel fuels as defined by the EPA, or BTEX in any of our hydraulic fracturing fluids.

“Many of us have grown up here and are raising our families here. We share a love for the outdoors, from hunting to conservation. We have always made it a point to minimize the impact our work has on the environment and constantly seek opportunities to do more to improve our local communities. We value the important partnerships we have formed with local conservation organizations such as Pheasants Forever and National Wild Turkey Federation, among others. These Partnerships are helping us achieve our restoration and habitat enhancement goals.”

– Jeremy Matinko, Director of Environmental Compliance

Range’s typical fracturing fluid is 99.9% sand and water.