Responsible and Sustainable Operations

Over the past decade, Range has led significant advancements in operational innovations that have enabled safer business practices for the industry. We are driven to constantly innovate in order to meet the changing industry demands for more efficient and sustainable energy solutions – and we are consistently setting new standards for others to follow.

Our EC department is made up of highly-knowledgeable technical experts across key operational functions who collectively bring decades-worth of conservation and environmental regulatory experience. These professionals have deep ties to the communities in which we operate, and are committed to ensuring Range delivers against our sustainability goals. Overseen by our senior leadership team and Board of Directors, the EC department focuses daily on training and education, monitoring and auditing, as well as developing continuous operational improvements. These efforts are combined with third-party engagement and oversight to ensure we are meeting and exceeding industry standards and compliance requirements. The EC department is embedded in all phases of operations. All environmental inspections are performed by trained personnel that are trained and experienced in relevant fields.

Specifically in Pennsylvania, inspections are conducted by Range employees. Our staff ensures all work is done to permitted and applicable design standards. Throughout development, specialized staff also perform site inspections and audits to ensure all required environmental safeguards, including erosion and spill prevention measures, are implemented and maintained with an eye toward safety and environmental protection.

An integral part of the surface development process is the restoration and reclamation of well development facilities. Our goal is simple: leave sites in the same or better condition than when our work began.


Conservation is a priority for Range. In collaboration with the California University of Pennsylvania’s Fish and Wildlife Program, Range has created the habitat enhancement program aimed at supporting a growing population of pollinator species like the monarch butterfly.

The program is being implemented near natural gas well sites and reclamation projects. A California University representative has said: “I wasn’t surprised that Range was willing to do something, but I was surprised at the extent to which the company has been willing to do it right.”