Water Protection

At Range, we are committed to the protection of our shared water sources. From baseline pre-drill testing of water supplies to frequent wellbore integrity assessments, our best practice approach ensures that water is protected throughout the lifecycle of development. Range ensures the casing and cementing design for each well meets or exceeds industry standards and regulations.

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Before operations even take place, Range tests water sources within a 2,500 foot radius of a well site prior to drilling in Pennsylvania. These tests are conducted by an approved, third-party company, and the results are sent to the landowners, state regulatory agencies and kept on file with Range. This data ensures that all stakeholders have access to more information about their water resources and baseline water quality before drilling takes place.

Active monitoring and evaluation of well bore integrity also ensures that drilling and completion activity occurs in a safe, isolated environment that protects groundwater resources. In the Marcellus region, for example, Range utilizes several techniques in advance of hydraulic fracturing to test well bore integrity, ensuring the multiple layers of steel casing and cement system are fully secure, preventing any fluid or methane from escaping the wellbore.