Safe & Responsible Operations

Range upholds the highest standards when it comes to operating in a safe, compliant and ethical manner. We ensure each and every one of our employees understands the important role they play in making safety one of our core values, a top priority.

When it comes to safety, our goal is simple: zero safety incidents. Range’s Corporate Safety Mission guides our employees to ensure they are upholding the highest standards of safety while on the job.

Range operates in a safe manner, complying with all regulations, and focusing on protecting our environment, our people and the communities where we work.

Safety Culture

Safety is a core value and important pillar of our business. Every aspect of our operational activity focuses on safety and risk management. We employ best practices for safety procedures to help maintain an efficient, secure work environment.

Range uses a combination of training and safety meetings to continuously educate and improve situational awareness for personnel and contractors. In addition to trainings, Range maintains a dedicated group of Safety Specialists who proactively visit our facilities and sites to identify opportunities for safety improvement. These specialists also interact routinely with our contractors and service providers to maintain a high level of safety awareness in the field.

Range is open and proactive in our efforts to mitigate safety incidents and impacts. To measure and continuously improve the company’s safety and environmental performance, Range uses a data-driven approach to track our progress against our broader safety goals. In fact, Range holds an annual “Safety Week” for employees, contractors and first responders.

*Latest data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2017)

Range also compares this statistical data against OSHA’s criteria for determining rates for injuries and incidents that result in lost time or restricted duty. In addition, we evaluate our performance against applicable industry peers and other industrial groups, ensuring we are constantly striving for top tier safety performance.

Contractors and vendors are likewise held to the same high safety standards. As part of this mandate, we monitor these partners to make certain that proper procedures are maintained and that contractors comply with regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Range’s contractor management program is another way that Range promotes safety. The program verifies that contractors maintain a viable safety program through audits to ensure that contractors are operating safely on Range locations. Range utilizes an industry recognized system called ISNetworld to collect and update contractors’ safety performance and safety programs/procedures, allowing Range personnel to constantly monitor the information.