Community Safety

At Range, we understand the unique responsibility we have to the communities where we operate, and work hard to ensure that all of our activities are conducted in a manner with the least possible inconvenience to the community.

The company maintains a robust outreach team that works with a variety of stakeholders including citizens, nongovernmental organizations, local and state government officials, area school districts, first responders and others to promote a safe operating environment. This includes a Response Center which provides easy access to Range personnel and delivers timely information to communities across our operating footprint. We also manage five Community Advisory Panels in Pennsylvania made up of 35 local individuals from various backgrounds in the company’s core operating region.

As part of our commitment to stay connected to the community, we regularly attend or host public meetings in municipalities where there are planned or current operations underway. Each year, Range directly engages more than 150,000 people at hundreds of events and makes more than15,000 notifications specifically related to our work schedule. These efforts help maintain clear and open communications with communities across Range’s operating areas.

In addition to sharing information, we strive to manage all aspects of our operations in the community to ensure the utmost safety of residents. This includes traffic management practices, which include specialized training for our workers and collaborating with local governments and safety officials to develop traffic coordination plans. We also focus on efforts to mitigate light, sound and dust pollution by using the following resources:

  • Equipment is provided and positioned to ensure that lighting on our locations is adequate to properly lightly the work areas and not pose a nuisance to the surrounding community.
  • Develop traffic coordination plans with school districts and local municipalities.

As part of our focus on building strong community partnerships, Range also works with first responders to develop customized well site training to best prepare them in case of an emergency. We develop and distribute Safety Communications such as alerts and flashes when appropriate to address potential incidents and to help educate personnel and prevent future occurrences.

“Safety is a core value that is engrained in every aspect of our business at Range. We pride ourselves on our safety record, which is driven by our commitment to protecting our employees, contractors and the communities where we work. We make significant investments in training programs and resources each year to ensure our employees and partners are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to help maintain a safe working environment.”

– Don Rankin, VP of Safety, Range Resources