About Range Resources

Range Resources Corporation is a leading U.S. independent natural gas and NGL producer with operations focused in stacked-pay projects in the Appalachian Basin. We hold high our commitment to delivering value to our customers, communities, and shareholders, and we have demonstrated that commitment for more than 40 years by continuously improving, meeting, and exceeding industry standards.

Industry-leading sustainability practices are intrinsic to our business, and we have made impactful contributions to advance sustainable business practices and engineering solutions for the industry, leading to continuously improved environmental performance. Examples include Range’s pioneering of large-scale water recycling in shale development, which, in 2009, made us the first Company to achieve nearly 100 percent water reuse levels. Then in 2010, we voluntarily disclosed the composition of our hydraulic fracturing fluids on a per-well basis. We were the first Company to do so, and we provided that information publicly online.

More recently, we developed and published our Environmental Policy, which formalized the Range team’s strong culture of environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation. Examples of this commitment to sustainability can be seen in the selection of our well sites, minimization of land disturbance, implementation of lower emissions equipment, and investment in an energy-efficient CNG fueled vehicle fleet. We are routinely identifying ways to enhance our operations to ensure we are delivering the greatest value.