Alternative Scope 1 Emissions Source Calculation

The table below compares how Range Resources calculates Scope 1 emissions by source with an alternative calculation method.

The AXPC’s definition of “flaring” is used for the alternative calculation method. AXPC defines flaring as the flaring of wellhead gas from the primary separator at assets operated by Range Resources.

This definition specifically does not include:

  1. combustion of low-pressure gas volumes from crude oil/condensate and produced water storage vessels or other low-pressure separators for the purpose of controlling emissions, or
  2. flaring from drilling and/or well completion, which are either
    1. exempt from reporting to the EPA (e.g., flaring gas during the drill-out phase of completing a well), or
    2. disclosed in our EPA emissions inventory reports under emissions from other sources (e.g., flaring associated with the operation of VDUs is captured under combustion emissions, and flaring associated with the operation of glycol dehydrators is captured under process emissions).