Community Engagement and Impact

We take seriously our responsibility to be a reliable, preferred resource for the communities that live near our operations. This is a primary focus of the inform pillar of our community engagement platform.

Throughout the year, we facilitate a series of programs intended to maintain two-way communications with residents in the communities where we operate. Through these programs, we seek to provide essential information and timely updates to residents and initiatives that allow us to be engaging and responsive to feedback from community members.

We seek to inform and foster feedback from community members through coffee break discussions, Community Advisory Panel (CAP) meetings, field tours, meetings with non-profits, presentations to rotary groups, tech schools, and local chambers, and other outreach efforts. In 2019, our CAP meeting included 75 community leaders, in addition to our core 30 members, and featured a Legislative & Regulatory update in partnership with the Government Affairs department. In September of 2020, the CAP meeting was held virtually in lieu of an in-person event, with another great turnout of participants from the community.

Beyond our efforts to be a reliable resource for our surrounding communities, Range is also an industry leader in pioneering our operations in order to be a good neighbor. This is a critical aspect of our business and one where we regularly work to find new solutions.

Traffic Coordination: Range makes every attempt to minimize any temporary impact of our operations on traffic patterns. We work closely with local governments and safety officials when possible to develop traffic coordination plans. We also coordinate with nearby schools to consider their school bus schedules and routes when managing our operations.

Once traffic coordination plans are developed, Range clearly communicates traffic plans and guidelines to all of our contractors and employees for every location. GPS technology, roving traffic monitors, restricted speed limits, signage on local roadways, and more are leveraged to ensure the traffic coordination plans are followed.

Light, Sound and Dust: Range works closely with local communities, townships, and residents to best eliminate, mitigate, and reduce any possible inconveniences that could be associated with our work. We work with local governments and the community to conduct our work in the most responsible and sensitive manner possible. As a result, techniques we may utilize include but are not limited to:

  • Light shielding equipment to focus light on the location and not on surrounding areas
  • Dust control for roads
  • Sound engineering modeling and analysis prior to beginning any work

Landowner Communications: Range also conducts proactive outreach to landowners to inform them about our operations, their lease, and other related information. We provide multiple communication platforms for landowners to contact us, including email and telephone.

Economic Impact

In addition to our community engagement efforts, Range positively impacts the communities we operate in through the economic activity brought to the region. Since 2011, Range has paid more than $240 million in impact fees including $26.5 million in 2020 alone. We’ve also paid more than $2.9 billion in royalty and lease payments in the state of Pennsylvania through 2020. These payments and the economic activity from our operations benefit the landowners and local governments with whom we share communities and engage frequently.