Corporate Governance

To effectively manage risk and create sustainable long-term value, Range has developed an effective corporate governance framework. That framework is supported by our Corporate Governance Guidelines, Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, Board Committee Charters, and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. These governing documents are publicly available on our website.

Our Board of Directors

The oversight of our governance framework largely rests with our Board of Directors, which is responsible for a variety of topics, including: acting in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders by overseeing Senior Management, providing guidance in the development of the corporate strategy and policies, reviewing and approving major corporate decisions, and assisting the Company in setting and achieving its objectives.

Per NYSE listing standards, our guidelines require that the Board be at least majority independent. In practice, we have exceeded that benchmark, maintaining a board structure whereby all members of the Board, except for one member of Senior Management, have been independent directors.

Our Board is a collection of qualified individuals who have excelled in their respective areas of expertise and meet high personal and professional standards. Bringing a diverse set of skills and experiences to the Board, our directors include individuals with backgrounds in executive management, leadership, finance, financial reporting, policymaking, geoscience and engineering, expertise in the oil and gas industry, and risk management.

* Committee chairperson

Through the annual board evaluation process, our Governance and Nominating Committee strives to maintain diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. This Committee’s goal is to include key considerations, such as diversity in race, gender, and age in this process.

Annual board evaluations serve as a critical tool in assessing the effectiveness of the Board, its committees, and its directors. The evaluation process is reconsidered each year by the Governance and Nominating Committee and, in recent years, has included anonymous questionnaires, one-on-one director interviews, and the assistance of outside legal counsel. As shown above, the Board balances interests in continuity with the need for fresh perspectives and diversity that board refreshment and director succession planning can provide.