Oversight and Management of Sustainability

Oversight of Sustainability

The oversight of environmental, health and safety, and social issues are an integral part of our risk management and oversight process. Further, sustainable practices present significant opportunities for our business operations and our ability to maintain good working relationships with stakeholders. In order to enhance oversight and implementation of Range’s sustainability goals, the ESG and Safety Committee will work closely with the appropriate management groups.

In addition to the ESG and Safety Committee, the Compensation Committee works to ensure that management incentives are aligned with our sustainability goals. In 2021, the Compensation Committee introduced Emission Intensity Performance targets into the Long-Term Incentive Program to further drive our long-term environmental strategy and more closely align our executive compensation with this strategy. This addition to the Long-Term Incentive Program is the second ESG metric the Compensation Committee has introduced into the compensation design. In 2019, the Compensation Committee increased the weighting of health, safety, and environmental performance within the Annual Cash Incentive plan which is now 25 percent

Management of Sustainability

The Company’s Environmental Compliance (EC) Department is responsible for the oversight and implementation of our Environmental Compliance policy. That policy is focused on compliance with rules and regulations and the Company’s commitment to advancing our environmental goals through implementing best practices.

  • The EC Department’s basic functions include advising the operating functions of the business, with specific focuses on developing policies, inspecting regulated activities, and auditing compliance with laws, rules, and policies, including data management.
  • The EC Department develops and maintains plans, procedures, and field guides. Employees are encouraged to utilize EC Department resources and to seek assistance from any member of the EC or Legal Department as necessary to ensure Range’s continued compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • The EC Department reports directly to Range’s General Counsel, and then to the CEO, and provides quarterly updates to the Board.

Our Safety Department is responsible for overseeing and supporting the implementation of our Safety Policy, which includes Range’s workforce and community health and safety management systems.

  • The Safety Department’s basic functions include site and facility visits to monitor compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, monitoring of safety performance data, training and education of our employees, incident investigation and mitigation, identifying continuous safety improvement opportunities, and contractor safety management.
  • Safety Department representatives routinely engage with Range’s Leadership and employees to assist in the development and implementation of processes and procedures that are designed to identify and mitigate risks and hazards in the workplace.
  • The Safety Department reports to Range’s Chief Operating Officer, and then to the CEO, and provides ongoing updates to the ESG & Safety Committee.