Political Engagement

When it comes to political activity, Range is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our political engagement is guided by the basic belief that it is important to constructively participate in the political process to further the best interests of the Company and our shareholders, and to improve the communities where we live and work.

We support public policy at the national, state, and local levels that advances the safe development, production, transportation, and use of natural gas and natural gas liquids while protecting the environment. These policies are important to Range not only for our success but for the success of our industry, our partners, and our nation’s economy and security.

The Board of Directors oversees and regularly monitors Range’s political engagement activities and the relevant policies and procedures, including the assessment of the effectiveness of our approach. Our political engagement guidelines are available on our website, and they outline our approach to political contributions and trade associations, as well as reporting and disclosure.

Our political contributions program adheres to several principles, which are also guided by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, including the following:

  • Contributions reflect the interests of the Company and its stakeholders, not individual officers or directors.
  • Corporate political expenditures require approval by the General Counsel and Government Affairs Department.
  • Priority is given to direct political action committee (PAC) donations instead of donations through third parties. Any indirect contribution is monitored to assure consistency with the Company’s values, policies, and long-term interests.
  • No contribution will be given in anticipation of, in recognition of, or in return for an official act.
  • Employees are not reimbursed for personal political contributions and employees will not be pressured or coerced to make any personal political expenditure.

Range also engages in the policy-making process by participating in various business and industry forums and trade associations. These activities are necessary to create a positive understanding of, and appreciation for, the oil and natural gas industry and the critical role the industry plays regionally and nationally. We file all public reports and information concerning the PAC with the appropriate Pennsylvania governmental authorities. In 2020, our political spending contributions through our PAC amounted to a total of $34,350.