Training Programs

Providing our employees with the opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their career is extremely important to Range. When our employees are able to learn a new skill or fine-tune an existing skill, this benefit extends beyond the individual employee and improves overall operations at Range. Training and development initiatives are core to ensuring we are cultivating a competitive, skilled, and safety-minded workforce. The courses and programs we offer our employees span all levels, from new hire orientations to manager and leadership programs.

In 2020, we offered classes to our employees covering a wide range of topics. Courses offered to employees included situational leadership, personality and work style approaches, presentation skills, conflict management, and more. These trainings go beyond several of our externally taught courses, which are industry-based on topics such as gas marketing and petroleum economics. Range’s 533 employees average 12 hours of talent development training per year, helping expand their skillsets and grow their careers.

We also provide a targeted leadership curriculum to ensure best practices are used within our organization. Through this program, Range is able to prepare high performers who aspire to become senior leaders within our organization and cover the full life cycle of a leader’s career at Range. These programs benefit both the leaders taking the courses and fellow colleagues who work on teams with these individuals. Examples of the different types of trainings we provide to our employees include:

  • Leadership Readiness Assessment: Identifies and evaluates high potential front-line employees with an interest in future leadership roles to determine developmental opportunities.
  • Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) program: Nominated by Senior Leadership, 8-10 current leaders participate in a 12-month executive coaching program to develop and prepare to take on high-level roles at Range.
  • Internal and External Trainings: A wide variety of courses on topics such as professional development, leadership, legal and compliance, impromptu speaking, managing conflict, and more.

Range also provides customized resources for technical training, professional certifications, and continuing education. This includes educational reimbursements for employees that choose to pursue further college education, as detailed in our employee benefits section.

Our approach in everything we do is never simply “check the box,” including the training and development of our employees. Each division, office location, and department may have very different training styles, timelines, and needs. We strive to offer the most effective training opportunities possible by customizing each training to fit each specific need. These include traditional instructor-led trainings (IT), computer-based trainings (CBT), or a hybrid of both.

For our teams who are unable to participate in the Company-wide classes due to time constraints or work commitments, we offer courses for an entire department. This added element of flexibility and customization is crucial to balance training with continued operations, enabling managers to offer training to their employees in a format and a time that works for them. We also have capitalized on the opportunity to convert our in-house trainings into smaller online modules over multiple days to further enhance flexibility and accessibility for our employees.