Workforce Non-retaliation and Grievance

To provide an avenue for employees, external stakeholders, and members of the public to anonymously report issues, Range utilizes the services of a third-party reporting system Ethicspoint, which accepts submissions through a web-based portal and via phone.

Any reports involving financial fraud or conduct by Senior Management are provided directly to the members of the Audit Committee of the Board. In addition to the reporting of financial issues, Range has chosen to use this system to further enhance our reporting of human resources issues, such as harassment or violations of other policies.

The reporting system is managed independently by Ethicspoint, which is contractually bound to ensure the system is completely confidential unless reporters choose to make their identity known.

The Vice President of Human Resources first reviews any reports to determine appropriate steps for managing each inquiry. To ensure a full and independent investigation can be conducted, the Ethicspoint system is designed to exclude from the process anyone who may be involved directly with the issue reported.

To file a report, employees and other stakeholders may access the Ethicspoint website at and click on “File a Report” or call Ethicspoint’s toll-free hotline at 1-866-384-4277.