Contractor Safety

Range’s focus on safety is not limited to just our employees. Much of our field work is performed by contractors, and in 2018, Range upgraded its contractor management tool to include ISNetworld, an oil and gas industry platform that allows Range to better connect and evaluate the safety performance of industry vendors. Through ISNetworld, Range benchmarks contractor safety performance with our industry peers and identifies potential areas for improvement.

Working on a Range site requires mandatory safety orientation for all contractors and vendors operating in any location. In 2020, approximately 6,000 individuals received Range’s safety training from the Range Safety Department or through our Train the Trainer program.

The orientation covers a comprehensive list of topics including but not limited to: Stop Work Authority, Range’s Safety Policy, Fit for Duty, PPE, Hazard Communication, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS), Restricted Areas, Chemical Hazards and SDS, Equipment Operation, Speed limits, Backing Policy, Reporting Incidents, and Participating in Incident Investigations.

Contractor crews performing work on location report directly to an onsite Range supervisor who monitors their work and safety behaviors throughout the day. The Safety Department has field safety specialists who regularly perform site safety assessments to identify gaps, communicate any gaps to operations, and help facilitate a correction to ensure the safety of everyone on site. Upon completion of Range’s safety training program, all personnel receive a sticker for their hard hat to symbolize that they have been informed of Range’s safety expectations and commitment to the environment and communities in which we work.

Contractor Safety

Contractors are an integral part of our operations, which is why we integrate our contractors into our health and safety management process. In order to maintain a healthy and safe work environment on all of Range’s sites, we require a few important protocols of each and every one of them. First, on our active locations, we have a manned security or a cyber gate system that checks in each contractor to ensure 100% accountability at all of our locations. Second, prior to working at any of our locations, we require all contractors to attend the Range field safety orientation, which covers various industry- and Range-specific safety items. These include Range’s Safety Policy, recognizing, communicating, and mitigating hazards, effective communication, safe operating procedures, and incident response. It also includes pre-work items, such as COVID-19 safety protocol and minimum PPE requirements on location, and at-work items, such as security and Range site supervisor check-ins, planning the day’s work through the use of a Job Safety Analysis, and stop work authority. A safe work environment is the top priority for Range, its employees, and the communities in which we operate. By following these procedures, we are ensuring the safest possible operations.